In collaboration with
Simone van Wijk

Mike Roelofs


Assignment: directions and signing of a loft housing building, commercial spaces and facade signing.

The buildings ‘Anton and Gerard’ are two white buildings in Strijp-S. They are impressive monuments (previous factories of Philips where different aperture has been produced) and were transformed into 277 unique loft livings and 1000m2 of commercial spaces and offices by Trudo. HNNH created two different ways of directing people, respecting the two different architectural approaches and their characteristic industrial appearance, inside as well as outside. ‘Gerard’ was redeveloped by Jo Coenen, and is more systematic and straightforward in its architecture, and was thus designed with directions and signs accordingly.. In “Anton” the architects DiederenDirrix connected the vertical, horizontal and diagonal sight lines by stairs crossing trough the floors. The directions and signs are more intuitive, enabling people to wander through the informal spaces where they meet, work and live.

For the same client
Gerard, Eindhoven
signing and wayfinding loft complex