IJburg College Amsterdam

December 2012 – July 2013

In collaboration with
Simone van Wijk

Photography Interior
Mike Roelofs

Photography graphics
Nicole Marnati

Assignment: Create an identity for a new high school ‘IJburg College’, Amsterdam.

HNNH designed a full font and developed it into a full working typeface. The alphabet is drawn on a grid which is based on the facade of their brand new school building. The colors from beautiful surrounding nature were taken inside and made into a colour palette. HNNH created directions and signs, e.g. the way to the sports centre, naming all classrooms. Furthermore, HNNH created all graphics output. On the back of all printed items, one finds the typical school book lines. However, there is a twist; in fact the lines are based on the grid of the facade again.

(Architecture by LIAG, interior by Ateliers).