Winner Competition (by Kunst & Cultuur Overrijsel)
Developed & produced by HNNH


In collaboration with
Bureau Wijkwiskunde
(conceptual fase)

Menno van der Meer
Nicole Marnati

Winner Jury and Public prize

Compition: a utensil which makes the identity of the province Overijssel catch the public eye.

The geometrical patterns, a prize-winning design of Studio HNNH, form a bridge between contemporary design and the beautiful heritage of the province Overijssel. During the research period HNNH found many educational, architectural and historical ‘icons’, each of them shaping part of the identity of the province. The icons were abstracted and designed into series of repetitive geometrical patterns. The final design was of the icon ‘Zouttoren’,an iconic building from the ‘30s for industrial salt winnings in that area which still defines the landscape. Choosing to execute the pattern into a towel is the next reference to the cultural historic heritage; the textile industry has been responsible for huge social- and economic growth whiting the province. Producing the towel is also literally built on the heritage of Overrijsel’s traditions; the fabric is woven at one of the last operational traditional weaving machines at the museum ‘Twentse Welle’. The geometrical pattern is formed into a contemporary design object for daily life. Prototype made possible with financial support of Kunst & Cultuur Overijssel (KCO) in Textile Museum Tilburg.